Exhaust Repairs in Torquay

If you want a good quality and affordable exhaust repair for your motor vehicle Treads Tyres Autos in Torquay is the best place to go for an excellent service will an unbeatable price.

You can trust our numerous happy customers in Torquay when they say we have excellent knowledge of exhaust repairs and servicing. We provide motor vehicle maintenance and repair to both the public and commercial customers throughout the Torquay area

We deal with an extensive range of faulty exhausts, some of the problems we deal with include

  • Damaged or Rusted pipes
  • Excessive noise
  • Vibrations from the exhaust pipe

If you are having any other problem from your motor vehicles exhaust pipe, Come visit us in Torquay and we will repair your exhaust as quick and efficiently as possible.

A lot of people do not realise that their exhaust does not just get rid of spent gasses, It also helps boost your engines performance, controls the level of noise your car produces and improves your fuel consumption. A failing exhaust can cause harmful fumes to be pumped back in to your motor vehicle and not away from your car.

car garage torquay, devon mechanics
car garage torquay, devon mechanics

A damaged exhaust can be very harmful and put you and your passengers health at risk, this is one of the biggest causes of failed MOT in Torquay.

Replacing these parts of your exhaust pipe system is very easy for us to do and we offer a varied range of exhausts that range from a premium or a budget service to make sure our prices fit all our customers pockets in Torquay we can also fit catalytic converters.

We have the largest supply of exhausts in the Torquay area and if your exhaust is not in stock we will get it delivered to our garage so your repair can be carried out at the earliest convenience.

If your exhaust is not operating correctly we will make sure it's repaired or replaced make sure you come in to Tread Tyres Autos as further delay can cause further damage or become a health risk to you and your passengers

The exhaust is under your motor vehicle so we appreciate a faulty exhaust may not be an easy problem to spot, However if your car is making a strange booming, rattling or hissing sound this usually means it is time for a replacement exhaust pipe.

If you are having similar issues or are worried about the noises your exhaust pipe is making, the best thing we would suggest is to come in to our garage in Torquay and we will put it on the ramp and have a closer inspection for you.

The exhaust system is one of the most integral parts or your motor vehicles. We offer repairs for almost every make and model of car and light commercial vehicles. Servicing your underperforming exhaust pipe will not only make sure your car is running as efficient as possible it can also help prevent costly repairs further down the line this can lead to broken stud, leaking and corroded joints and detached mountings. Every repair is carried out to the absolute highest possible level using the very best quality tools.